21+ Illegally Smuggled Images North Korea Doesn’t Want You To See


In North Korea life is anything but easy for it’s people. With power shortages, no personal freedom and constant seclusion from the outside world, it is without any doubt a difficult struggle to live in one of the most isolated countries in the entire world. Explore in this photo essay what life is like for the North Korean people.

A Downtrodden People

The somber faces of North Koreans gazing into the emptiness surrounding them. The beauty of the country around them is drown out by an oppressive government who controls almost every aspect of their lives. Everything from literature to speech is controlled by their leaders.


Mining With Nothing

With a lack of modern machinery, the North Korean people are forced to carry heavy loads of rocks in this mining operation. In most western countries machines would be doing this work. In North Korea the people do the work of the machine.

Farming For Nothing


Poverty stricken farmers harvesting their crops for collection and distribution by the communist government. Grain collected by the government is allocated to the people and surplus grain is returned to the farmers. Unfortunately, for the farmers the North Korean government doesn’t meet it’s goals for food production and fails to return grain back to the farmers.


Limited Personal Choice

Officially sanctioned hairstyles are just one more example of the micromanaged lives of North Koreans. Freedom of expression is choked out in nearly every aspect of their lives. Limited choice in even the way they can wear their hair is just one more example of that.

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