What on Flat Earth? Is the Earth Flat?


Recently Shaquille O’Neal came out and stated that he believes that the earth is flat. He then backed out of that statement stating that he was just kidding around. However, before that back in February of this year, Kyrie Irving said he thinks that the earth is flat. Before that rapper B.o.B. came out and said he also thought it was flat. In fact Tila Tequila and Sherri Shepherd said she doesn’t really know if she believes the earth is round.

What is flat earth or flat earth theory? Well it is exactly what it sounds like really. People out there believe that the earth is flat and that we have been lied to for centuries for some reason. They think that because the earth doesn’t look flat from focal point A to focal point B further off in the distance that there is no curvature. Flat earthers believe that because you can watch a boat sail off and disappear, that it has now appeared behind you. Scientists explain however that this happens because the boat finally disappeared over the curve of the earth.

Does your head hurt yet? Flat earthers believe that the earth does not rotate because they cannot feel the rotation of the earth. They believe that when you view earth from a jet or plane you cannot visibly see the curvature of the earth so that indicates a flat earth. If you have ever had a conversation with one of these folks online or in daily life, you know that they truly believe that the earth is flat. They also think that gravity is an illusion and does not actually exist (try to remember this part for the following).

In researching for this topic I came across a site called henrymakow.com and on it is an article by Sean Caiside. I found it to be quite interesting. The site pointed me to “Ten absurd claims of flat earth conspiracy theorists” and the list goes as follows.

moon landing fake
1. The moon landing and every image we have ever received from space are all either staged or Photoshopped.

Water Droplet Space Nasa
2. The International Space Station images of water floating out of cups in space are actually shot from inside a zero-g or zero gravity plane. Yes, a zero gravity plane (from the folks who don’t believe that gravity exists).


Antarctica Ice Wall Flat Earth
3. Antarctica is a giant ice wall nobody can climb or pass over. Some even think the world governments protect the wall to prevent people from trying and then falling off the edge of earth.

flat earth sun rotation around sky fake
4. They think that the sun circles earths sky and not that the earth rotates around the sun. They figure that the sun is significantly smaller than the size we were told by scientists.

flat earth dome
5. Some flat earthers believe that the sky is a glass dome.
The Henry Makow article also claimed that the real conspiracy is flat earth itself. A conspiracy created to distract conspiracy theorists from actually important conspiracies. The article pokes holes in the flat earth theory as well. The list of theories go on and on when it comes to flat earth and on and the vast majority seem to indicate that we are being lied to by everyone in power.

No matter where you stand on the issue of flat earth, science seemingly is able to explain away the flat earth theory and make it totally unbelievable. That doesn’t stop it’s believers from believing the theory at all. With a small handful of starts either skeptical of the earth’s shape or in full belief that it is flat, that could give the theory a little more attention than it got before.

I personally feel like everyone is entitled to believe as they please and questioning things is always a good thing. Science however cannot be ignored when doing so.

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