7 Reasons Why Trump Will Make America Great Again

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In case you hadn’t noticed, the Liberal media is constantly complaining about our president and how our president “overstates” his accomplishments. Much of the positives that have occurred under president Trump have even been attributed to Obama. When the so called “Trump effect” hit the stock market, the market soared. Of course, many Liberals made the claim that our last do nothing president somehow magically made that happen. That is just one example. The reality is that the stock market reacted to his pro American jobs and manufacturing stance.

Has Trump even started making America great again? Yes, he has. He has kept more campaign promises than any president in recent memory. How has he started making this country greater than before? Well, let’s find out why Trump will make America Great again.

1. Restoring patriotism and pride!

One of the biggest things that Trump has done is relight the flame of patriotism in the USA. Something the left hates. In today’s United States, we have just exited eight years of a president that consistently preached about how terrible we are as Americans. How awful we have acted in the world, while constantly holding Islam up on a pedestal. He would even refuse to call Islamic terrorism radical Islamic terrorism and seemed to almost excuse these terrorists. Having pride in your country is not a bad thing and in fact makes a country stronger in the long run.

2. Making other NATO countries pay their share, so we can spend less!

Another thing Trump has been bashed for and accused of flip flopping on is his stance on NATO. During his campaign, he said that if other members of NATO continue to contribute less financially to NATO, it is useless to the United States. Apparently, many on the left and the right didn’t hear the first part to that sentiment and only heard the latter half. Since he has played a tough roll with NATO, most countries involved have started putting in their required share of money into the system which in turn has made it so that America is not carrying most of the burden financially like before. That is a good thing.

3. Eliminating government waste and unneeded spending!

Trump has cut and or lowered funding to many programs like DHS or the welfare system. Many were outraged because they were terrified they might lose their benefits that they receive. However, the reality is that it will force these programs to find ways to operate with less. They will now have to seek out and find redundancies in the system. A lot of our tax dollars go to the same thing more than once within a lot of government agencies and Trump is trying to correct that issue. Trump also cut funding to unneeded programs like PBS and the Arts. This move also outraged a bunch of people because they felt that that meant these institutions will now have to close their doors. It is quite the opposite being that these companies and institutions already receive millions from donors and fundraisers. There is absolutely no reason for taxpayers to be funding them. Ironically, many of those complaining are also those who complain about corporate welfare, but seem to have no problem with it as long as it is going towards something they like.

4. Cutting red tape so we can get things done!

On regulations Trump has set it up so that when one new regulation is introduced into legislation, two old ones will be removed. In a country where everything seems to be overly regulated to “protect” us from ourselves this will pave the way for more growth in the business sector which then will lead to more jobs in the long run. One example of this was his executive order on the tow new major pipelines being run here in the USA. He allowed for any future piping to be made in the USA rather than produced overseas and shipped here at an even greater expense. He also loosened regulations on what is required to install a line. Of course, outrage ensued from activists. Those same activists that basically destroyed a piece of land at Standing Rock while playing the part of so called “water protectors”.


5. Preventing illegal immigration!

Before even laying the first section of the wall the Trump administration made it clear that they will be enforcing existing laws regarding illegal immigration. Of course, this has sparked outrage because many feel that our laws on illegal immigration should not be enforced. However, despite all that, illegal immigration has dropped 67% since he has taken office. Those upset that we may end up paying for the wall don’t seem to realize that Mexico indirectly will be paying for the wall because those citizens that leave Mexico and end up on our welfare system in some form in most cases will now be Mexico’s problem. This may explain why Mexico is so upset at the thought of a wall at our southern border.

6. Exposing hypocrisy while flexing military muscle!

Another great thing he has done here in the USA was exposing the blatant hypocrisy of the left. The left is constantly upset at virtually everything he does to improve the country, further illustrating their disdain for America. Recently he “allowed” a MOAB (mother of all bombs) to be dropped on ISIS tunnels. The left and some on the right instantly threw a hissy fit. According to ABC and CBS this was a military action which Trump had no fingers in the planning of. It was allegedly and action that was pre-planned by the Obama administration. But none of that matters to these folks. Liberals are outraged that the bomb was dropped because in their minds Trump dropped the bomb. These same people ironically didn’t seem to mind that our last Nobel Peace Prize winner dropped over 20,000 bombs during his administration often killing innocent bystanders. This is just another example of what is good for the left isn’t so good for the right.

7. Allowing military and police to do their jobs!

Aside from defending our second amendment rights, he has also restored a sense of pride within the military and police. They know that they now have a president that has their backs and that is a truly great thing. After eight years of the left bashing and hating on police and the military, the environment has changed. Of course, this stance yet again has outraged the left. Democrats have demonized the military and especially the police over the past eight years and now all of their hard work is being undone.

This list is literally just a small piece of what our great new leader has done to make this country better. One thing is crystal clear right now and that is that the more positive things that Trump does will continue to enrage the left, because they do not support the idea of being a better country for whatever reason. Real Trump supporters who listened to what he said as a candidate know what is coming because he laid it all out for us during his bid for president. Those who only listened to twisted and skewed news clips have no clue and we can expect more Liberal tears soon. Let’s make America Great Again! #MAGA

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