The Real Reason Why Everyone is in Syria

syrian war

Most Americans live in a relatively safe bubble in the United States, chemical attacks and bombs hardly even a thought in their minds. Many these days are seemingly unaware of the fact that we have been in Syria for over a year now. Many seem to think that if President Trump were to send troops to Syria that they would be new to the area. As we reported before, we have been there and even sent reinforcements a few months back when Trump took office. But why are so many nations there?

ISIS at one point had turned Syria into a stronghold until Assad decided to do something about them. Why the sudden interest in ISIS if he allowed them to grow like he had in his own country? Well it is simple, ruthless leaders will attempt to eliminate any threats to their power. Lately Assad has been painted as a Christian loving innocent man who has never done any wrong to his own people. Some have even speculated that we are there because of oil, despite President Trumps new efforts for America to become less oil dependent on other countries, but that is just not the case.

Although Assad has indeed fought back ISIS, they did not do it alone. Russia, Turkey, the Kurdish YPG and U.S. forces have all assisted in some way in the fight. What many also seemingly also ignore is the fact that Assad has been carrying out horrible attacks on his own people. In fact, since President Trump made the decision to drop a bunch of Tomahawk missiles on an empty airbase in Syria as a warning to Assad for his latest chemical weapon attack, many have speculated that Assad was “set up”.

Let’s look at the facts though. Assad has used Siege tactics and Starvation on his people, destroying cities and forcing those who live in them into hunger. One might argue that this is a way for Assad to starve out and kill ISIS soldiers. If you cut off the food supply, then the ISIS fighters have no access to food. Given what we have seen from ISIS however, they will find a way through their network to eat. The people who suffer are Syrians.

After many Syrian people made the decision to revolt against Mr. Assad, many were placed in North Korean-like prisons and prison camps. Daily beating and starvation of prisoners along with other forms of torture are passed out to the prisons inhabitants. In fact, since the six-year-old uprising, it is estimated that between 5,000 to 13,000 Syrian people have been killed in mass hangings.

If that isn’t bad enough, Assad forces routinely target hospitals, schools and markets and population centers. Those places are bombed to no end. TO make matters worse is that the rebels also do the very same thing.


Nearly 38,000 Syrian civilians have also been killed by Scud missile attacks carried out by Assad forces. In 2016, it is estimated that around 13,000 barrel bomb attacks were carried out in Syria. Assad seems to prefer using those. A barrel bomb is a large bomb packed with all sort of debris that once exploded shoots out in all directions tearing its victims to pieces. In fact, these bombs are illegal under international law because they too indiscriminate a target area, which puts civilians at risk.

Assad has also used chemical weapons indiscriminately in his fight against ISIS, which is also illegal under international law. At least eight times ranging from March of 2013 to the most recent attack using them this month. He uses Sarin Gas and the like and almost always takes out innocent men, women and children with it in the process. Granted, at least one of those attacks was allegedly carried out by the rebel forces, they cannot be blamed for all the attacks. ISIS and the rebels do not possess aircraft to drop the weapons which are mostly dropped from aircraft.

At the end of the day, it can be said that the reason so many countries have banded together in Syria is to fight ISIS and remove them from the country. One must wonder however, should we be looking at the removal of Assad when ISIS is fully removed? Americans do not find the thought of a new war in a new country to be a very popular idea. Politics will always come into play with such decisions as well. People also need to bear in mind that after Trump flexed his muscles by bombing that airbase, many Syrians and many Syrian refugees praised him. A lot of the refugees that we admittedly do not want to take in had even stated that they are hopeful Trump will remove Assad so that they can safely return home.

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