Declassified: 9 Amazing Military Technologies of the Future

insect drone future weapons

Ever wonder where exactly your tax dollars go when they are handed to the military and military weapons development agencies? Wonder no longer. Although this is just a glimpse at the vast range of new technologies being created to help our soldiers out there in the world, we picked some of the most interesting one’s.

 F-35 Lighting Fighter

1. F-35 Lighting Fighter

Topping the list is the F-35 fighter jet. Just this week some of the military’s most advanced aircraft arrived in Europe to run tests. The F-35 fighter jet is one of the newest and most technologically advanced aircraft to date. This jet has so many high-tech features including a heads up video display in the pilot’s helmet. A series of sensors and cameras allow the pilot to see all around the pilot to get a 360 degree view around the plane. Virtually undetectable this jet can still however see enemies coming. In fact, this fighter jet has so many features that we could write a whole separate article on it. Much of the jet is still top secret though, keeping our enemies in the dark about it’s full set of features.

DARPA’s ISIS system

2. DARPA’s ISIS system

This self-sustaining military recon blimp runs off solar power. It’s solar powered sensor is unlike any other produced before. The solar panel allows the blimp to provide continuous surveillance without the need to return back to the ground to refuel. The optics of this amazing blimp will allow the US Military to track targets and engage both air and ground. It’s state of the art radar will also provide enhanced radar and weather tracking. With one of these in the sky, it’ll be almost impossible for the enemy to hide from the giant eye in the sky.


3. Insect drones

Straight out of science fiction novel these little guys are scary if you ask me. They will mainly be used for spying or surveillance but who knows. Almost anything could be built into one. Small enough to fit through a window these little drones can also be used to explore recently bombed areas without placing a single soldier in harm’s way. On the same hand these drones could be used in rescue efforts as well.

DARPA Mobile Hotspot program

4. DARPA’s Mobile Hotspot program

This program aims to improve military networks overseas. The military has always struggled with getting a secure network to forward operating base in war. This advanced mobile hotspot will allow our forces to quickly establish network and communication capabilities in our forward operating bases allowing smooth communications for critical operational and logistical operations. The program will make use of Mobile, air and air assets that are going to provide a gigabit per second secure tactical access. Nothing like this network is currently available to the public. Flying UAV’s will serve as nodes on the networks grid. Mad props to the folks at DARPA for heading this up, gone are the days of running wire and slow connection speeds.



5. The Railgun

You may have seen these bad boys in video games. The military will soon be using them in real life as well. The railgun uses an electromagnetic force and will fire projectiles at a speed seven times greater than sound. That’s right folks, no propellant necessary! I bet keeping that bore clean is a relative snap. Gotta love technology.

Aero-Optic Beam Control Program

6. The Aero-Optic Beam Control Program

This simple idea may literally save a pilot’s tail. The project aims to mount lasers which can shoot backwards eliminating one of the worst threats to many pilots, enemies at their rear. Knowing that this tech is being worked on is most likely a relief to many fighter pilots out there.

dread weapon system


Still in testing phases and not in use yet, DREAD fires around 12,000 rounds per minute! Firing fast and hard at a speed of 8,000 feet per second. It is shaped like a flying saucer or plate. DREAD runs on electricity and makes no sound as it fires. With polish free boots, no iron uniforms, and now propellant free weapons, what are Soldiers going to spend all their free time doing?

Laser Weapon System (LaWS)

8. Laser Weapon System (LaWS)

With first test in 2015 being a complete success, these weapons systems are said to be not only affordable but vital to the Navy and Marines. The weapon not only hit targets that were mounted on a small moving boat, it also destroyed a small unmanned drone, along with other various moving targets at sea. The system is operated with a sort of video game-like controller. It has many options that the user can employ depending on the need in any given situation. A non-lethal “dazzle” function does just that. Throws off targets and disorients them. It’s only a matter of time we have these laser cannons mounted on everything… man I can’t wait to have a laser blaster.

smart uniforms us military

9. Smart uniforms

There are several variations on these uniforms aimed at keeping our soldiers safe in war situations. Some will detect injuries and assess the severity. Others will allow soldiers to remain protected from chemical threats. Others which are said to still be in development are said to make our soldiers almost invisible. All very useful aspects to these uniforms. More of our heroes can make it home safe and intact.

With all these amazing future weapons in the pipeline I’m kinda jealous we didn’t get any of these fun toys to play around with while we were in service. What do you’ll think?  Wouldn’t you love to get your hands on some of these? Let us know in the comments section below.

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