The Ten Most Insane Car Crashes Ever


Most of us have been in fender benders and car crashes, but how many of us can say that we were in such a serious car crash that it made a top ten list? Well the folks (who lived) on this list can! Let’s all strap in and adjust our mirrors, it is time to look at the most insane car crashes ever!

1. Manchester England, The Snapchat Killer CrashManchester England, the Snapchat killer car crash accident

Quite possibly one of the worst reckless driving accidents ever, the Snapchat killer Addil Haroon, age 19, was speeding at the rate of 142 mph. Just one day before he had shared a snapchat photo of his speedometer and it was marked at 142. He was quite proud of himself for making great driving time from Leeds to Rochdale. On the day of the accident while speeding he slammed into the rear of Joseph Brown-Larty, age 25. He hit his car so hard that Addils car split in two, killing him instantly. The accident was so serious that they placed it on display as a reminder to other drivers how dangerous and stupid reckless driving like this can be.

2. Multi-car-pile-up Car Crash – GermanyMulti Car Crash Germany

Possibly one of the largest car accidents in history, this accident took place on the infamous Autobahn. This German highway allows speeding. On this rainy day, rain most likely cause the systematic 259 car pileup. Around 66 people were injured in the accident and the cleanup cost added up to $2.5 million dollars. If you peer off in the distance I think you can make out the lawyers chasing after the ambulances.

3. Qatar, Mercedes Mclaren AccidentMercedes Mclaren SLR Qatar Car Crash

This horrifying accident took place on an empty highway in Qatar. The Mclaren was driven by a 22-year-old driver. Speeding at 160 mph, he lost control of the sports car and flipped. It is unknown how many times the car rolled but hardly anything was left of it when it finally came to rest. First responders figured that the driver was killed instantly.


4. South Africa, TVR 350CSouth Africa, TVR 350C Car Crash

Racing other cars is dangerous enough for the professionals. This driver decided to take on a Mercedes SLK in Johannesburg. The TVR was travelling at a speed of 140 mph and the driver lost control. He crashed into an embankment, because he was travelling at such a high speed that caused his vehicle to launch into the air. He landed under a nearby overpass while flipping several times. The driver died on scene.

5. Egypt, Lamborghini Murcielagomborghini Murcielago car wreck

The driver had just picked this car up 6 days before the horrible accident. What is worse is that the vehicle wasn’t even insured. The cost of the vehicle was $350,000 dollars.  The driver wanted to see how fast his new baby could go and took it out for a test drive. Driving at only 15 mph, a speeding truck slammed into the Murcielago and tore it to shreds. Thank God the driver lived.

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