Motivate Your Kids To Practice Music With These Easy Steps

Piano by the sea

Create music together. As your child as he or she is working away at. Take a seat with your child if they are experiencing difficulty, don’t get discouraged! According to research conducted by the Department of Public Health, girls often develop this skill around three years of age, which is earlier than boys, who may still have trouble finding a beat well into kindergarten.

girl playing the keyboard
Immerse your home in music. When appropriate, have music playing in the home, it doesn’t need to be classical music all the time. You can play any music you like, but it provides stimulus for their brain and gives them an opportunity to listen to different types of music that they might not always hear on the radio, TV, or YouTube.  Start by incorporating any of these simple steps into your daily routines. When you are in between getting piano lessons from a music teacher, it’s important to keep them practicing and learning new skills.


girl playing the piano at home
Make music together. 
As a parent, you are a role model, and what you do is very important. Show your child that you are engaged in their learning and value them learning how to play music, by actively showing support you further instill the importance it is in their overall development. As your child is learning to play keyboard and piano, try using flash cards to practice, turn it into a game. Bear in mind: No one regrets learning an instrument, it might be difficult at times and might not be the most fun thing to do with so many distractions in the world, but with constant encouragement your young musicians now, will thank you later.

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